Apple Day


Apple Day: Sunday 15th October 2017     1pm - 4pm.    FREE. All welcome - bring your apples.
Gather your apples and bring them along to a pressing engagement - apple pressing and juicing... pure applemania.   
Bring some apples to press and bottles to collect your juice (milk containers put through a dishwasher are good) - any quantity, from a hand full to a wheel barrow. 

We'll work together to wash, chop, scrat, press and bottle. Take away in juice what you brought in apples. 

Great fun and plenty to do.  Just turn up between 1 and 4pm  (be helpful if you can drop us a line to let us know your coming and roughly the quantity of apples you're bringing).

Refreshments available by donation. Rosie's chutneys, jams and cordials for sale. 
Cakes to share with a cup of tea also welcome.