permaculture education in schools

Edibles recognises the need to engage young people in all issues around sustainability and until recently has taught a GCSE equivalent course (Certa accredited) at Colne Valley High School - Environment and Sustainability.




Students learn the theoretical aspects of permaculture design, the ethics and principles and look at how these can be put into practice.  Students also grow (and eat, sell or cook) a range of vegetables in the school polytunnel and vegetable garden and are currently redesigning the area where the Rural Studies Centre was sited previously.  Edibles has linked up with other local organisations who input into the course and offer exciting and practical demonstrations of how principles can be put into practice. For example, local renewable energy company, Environmental, offers an Energy Lab day; Huddersfield University takes our students for a day in 'Soil Lab'; students spend a day in the woods with Wild Service, learning about Woodland Management; our most recent trip was to undertake conservation work with the National Trust on White Moss