21 The ideas, motivations, principles and practice that guide Edibles are closely informed by the work and vision of the Transition Movement and the Permaculture community globally. Permaculture for us describes a framework for designing and managing the land we have in a way which reflects the efficiency and sustainability of natural ecosystems while providing the ‘services’ we need such as food, energy, water and shelter. Permaculture encapsulates the values of Earth Care, People Care and Fair Shares and the 12 design principles have been instrumental in shaping the Transition movement’s focus on the need for creative and positive community visions for a low carbon future. Edibles aims to be a practical demonstration and delivery mechanism for these values, principles and methodologies, having at the core of its approach a belief in community participation in positive practical action to address and mitigate the impact of Climate Change and Peak Oil.

THE POWER OF FOOD. Food and where it comes from is an excellent entry point to the bigger issues and people find it non threatening and easily accessible – everyone has to eat and to most it has positive associations. Through combining a model of growing, encouraging involvement in growing, offering fresh, healthy local produce and reaching out to our community and local organisations Edibles can engage a wide cross section of our community and start positive conversations. These conversations may start with the benefits of eating a freshly grown carrot or the joys of gardening but can easily develop into considering where people normally shop, how people travel to shop, where most food comes from and in turn to issues of carbon foot prints, the challenges of climate change / peak oil on local communities and how we can create positive responses and live well.

INSPIRED SUPPORT The activities of Edibles as a growing and education project combine and link with many others follwing similar paths and motivations. We take particular inspiration from and support the work of Marsden and Slaithwaite Transition Towns, the West Yorkshire Permaculture groups and networks, The Green Valley Grocer, The Handmade Bakery who collectively provide a rich resource of ideas, inspirations and joint projects that practically involve communities in the big issues and create more resilient futures.