edible nursery

18 Our nursery aims to cultivate and provide edible plants for forest garden and orchard planting. We specialise in varieties that thrive in Northern climates. In winter 2011 we grafted and planted up our nursery bed with 200 apple trees and some pears too. A wide range of heritage and local varieties of apple trees are now available.  Varieties include Grandpa Buxton, Lord Derby, Lady Henniker, Laxton Fortune, Fillingham Pippin, Yorkshire Aromatic and Nancy Jackson to name but a few!  We have over 30 varieties that were grafted from cuttings from several Yorkshire orchards - get in touch if you would like a comprehensive list of availability.

Groundcovers include delicious rubus, ajuga repens, jostaberry, mid layer nitrogen fixers and currants, and fruit trees. Please contact us if you are looking to plant a forest garden of your own.